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Want to have a successful career, a fulfilling life, and that perfect work-life balance? Out To Be 1:1 Self-Care & Time Management Coaching is the perfect place to start! Starting with your life and your personal goals, which includes setting goals and building healthy routines to reduce stress and improve focus, is fundamental for achieving professional success. When you cultivate your authentic YOU, business/branding strategies follow as a part of the holistic process. From there handling press, social media, and importantly, your brand, will fall into place.

during this coaching program you will…

  • Learn tools to master time management & get more done
  • Create a self care routine that works for your life, interests, and schedule
  • Have the time & space to prioritize your wellness and YOU TIME without sacrificing your career or personal life
  • Learn how to avoid burnout
  • Be able to create boundaries and say NO when you need to
  • Have more energy so you can enjoy life to the fullest
  • Have a renewed sense of confidence and creativity
  • Have support & accountability on your wellness journey & inspiration to keep moving forward
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plus you get...

  • 45-minute one-on-one coaching calls every other week (the very first would be a bit longer)
  • Direct access to me via text and email (expect 24-48 for me to respond)
  • Weekly check-ins via email
  • Personalized resources including podcast, blog, book, & product suggestions tailored to your journey & needs

featured testimonials

IMG_1005 - Britt Margit

Britt Margit

Denver, USA

"Katie helped me realize that I'm better than I give myself credit for - both in the self care practices I've already established, and in keeping to a routine. Her weekly check-ins were exactly what I needed to stay accountable to myself and those around me, but also to find that fire, excitement, and self-worth again. She sent incredibly helpful resources, tailored to my needs, that I continue to utilize during times of stress or anxiety. Working with Katie gave me the permission I needed be active and creative again, from rockclimbing to songwriting and beyond. I can't thank her enough for her help."